Tiger Dancers Excel

Hey Tigers!!

We wanted to share some great news! Tiger Dancers just wrapped up their third weekend in a row of contest! 

At our first contest at Westwood HS, our Line Officers and Companies did awesome! They got 1st PLACE in Officer Modern and received a specialty judges award of “Excellence in Entertainment”, 2nd PLACE in Officer Jazz and 3rd PLACE for Jazz Co. They also got awarded Excellence in Technique, Precision and Entertainment. 

Also, out of of 68 11th-12th grade solos, 12th grader Lexi Keese got 1st PLACE!! 

Last weekend at McNeil HS our competition was tough!! However, the Line Officers received 1st PLACE in our Division and 3rd Best Overallfor Officers! Officer Modern was awarded a Wow Factor Performance (only 4 dances got chosen by the judges out of the whole day)! Our team received 2nd PLACE in our Division and received an Outstanding Team Award (only 2 were given). We also had 3 solo finalist, 10th graders Katelyn Baker and Sarah Kaiser as well as 12th grader Maddie Pazak.

Saturday, we ended our season by SWEEPING the Vista Ridge Contest!! Best Overall Grand Champions in Officers AND Team!! We had the highest scoring piece of the day and other awards including Outstanding Choreography for Team Modern, Outstanding Technique for Officer Modern and Team Jazz and Best Overall Precision Jazz Company.  Lastly, we had 3 solo finalists including 1st PLACE of all 9-10th grade solos, Sarah Kaiser, 3rd PLACE of all 11th-12th grade solos, Maddie Pazak  and 1st PLACE Lexi Keese! 

We are so beyond proud of how hard our team has worked and how far our team has come! We hope you will join us in congratulating them!

Thank you,
Brittnie Plattor and Stassney McCright