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Friday only, letter jacket sizing and cost estimation.
Before school 8-9am and during all lunches in the cafeteria or mall area.

Visit our Parking information page for information on applying for a spot, pricing and purchase dates.

The Care Clawset caters to students who need the utmost basic supplies necessary for everyday living. These supplies consist of hygiene products, clothing items, and school supplies, both male and female students apply. The Care Clawset







  • Shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, socks, etc.
  • Shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine products, etc.
  • Pencils, paper, notebooks, etc.

Students may receive these items by putting in a request form that is readily available to all students through the Stony Point High School website. They may also put in a request directly through the club advisors or by filling out a physical copy of a request form that may be turned in to “mailboxes” that are available in both the cafeteria and/or library. The Care Clawset believes that every student should have an equal opportunity to be successful and that goal starts by getting students what they need to be able to focus on such a goal.

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