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What’s Happening

If you need to pick up your student early, please return this form to the office before school starts.
November 9th – Veteran’s Day Assembly is from 8:30am-9am in the Competition gym.  Badge reservation can be made until November 8th 12pm. Bring your driver license as it may need to be scanned.  Click here to RESERVE BADGE 

We will honor and recognize our Tigers who have served in the military and would love to recognize community members as well. If you would like to be recognized, please email with your full name and branch of service no later than  Thursday 11/8 3pm.  We look forward to seeing you! Thank you.
Hi Students!!! If You Like Going On Field Trips And Are Looking For One More Person To Be On Your Team, Consider Having A Mentor! Excellent Mentors Have Been Selected Who Are Waiting To Help You Be The Best You Can Be! Please Email, Or See Ms. Alvina Johns In Room B267 Before Or After School For An Application!!! The application is also provided here to download and print. Once your application is completed, take it to the front office and ask for it to be placed into Ms. Alvina Johns’ box.






Consequences of parking illegally on campus: 1st offense- Warning 2nd offense- $25 fine 3rd offense- $50 fine & boot Additional Offenses- $75

– If someone parks in your spot, you should report it via remind 101 and park next to the baseball field (we need to know license plate number/parking sticker numbers). -If you park in someone else’s spot you will be getting a parking violation sticker.  This violation will be added to Stony Point obligations.  You can make these payments in the textbook room daily before 3:00 p.m.

Parents, would you like to serve on Stony Point’s Site Based Committee?
The purpose of the Stony Point High School Site Based Advisory Committee is to ensure coordination off site needs, measure and report progress, and facilitate special interest committees for student achievement and campus enrichment. According to the Texas Education Code, each campus must have a planning and decision making committee.  

The committee serves exclusively in an advisory role except that each committee shall approve campus staff development. In Round Rock ISD, these committees are called sitebased advisory committees.

The sitebased advisory committee focuses discussions on topics in the following areas: planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, staff development, school organization and other topics as suggested by the principal.

RRISD School Board Policy outlines the role of the sitebased committee:
-Implement planning processes and sitebased decision-making in accordance with Board policy.
-Serve in an advisory role.
-Approve staff development of a campus nature.
-Obtain broad-based community, parent and staff input, and provide information to those patrons on a systematic basis.
There will be a total of 3 meetings all year. The meetings will take place on campus and will last from 30 minutes to an hours.  If you would like to serve, please email 
First meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/3/18 at 4:30pm 
Thank you.  

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