Stony Point Summer Learning

Counselors are currently in the process of registering students for summer school at Stony Point High School and will begin calling students in during the weeks of May 7th – May 18th.
Summer Learning at Stony Point High School will offer a variety of classes to support students with credit recovery & EOC preparation.  Placement in Summer Learning courses is based upon review of the students’ transcript and courses needed to fulfill graduation requirements. This decision will be made collaboratively between the counselor, student, and parent.
Due to the Summer Learning schedule, students must attend all classes in order to receive credit. Classes are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
High School Direct Teach/EOC:    June 7th – June 22nd
Credit Recovery E2020:                  June 7th – June 29th
EOC testing days are as follows:
June 25th: English I
June 26th: Biology & U.S. History
June 27th: English II & Algebra I
June 28th: Make up testing
If you have any concerns about if you or your student needs to attend summer school please contact your alpha counselor. Questions about summer school registration and payments please contact Summer School Principal, Mrs. Carol Wright at (512) 428-7104 or

COUNSELOR EMAIL 9-12 ALPHA office# 512-428-phone

Jennifer Nelson A-CAN                  A108 x7084

Colleen Johnston           CAO-ESQ              A109         x7155

Ingrid Johnson ESR-HD A110 x7820

Norma Cantu                 HE-MAL                    A106 x7068

Maria Rogers MAM-OL A105 x7023

Kasey Misner              OM-ROY       A103 x7247

Becky Powers ROZ-STA (+AVID) A107 x7115

Jennifer Simmons        STE – Z          A107A x7009

Holly Whichard                  IB STUDENTS A-Z   A126 x7033               

Steve Polk         LEAD A115 x7022