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Tigers in Service

The mission of Tigers in Service is to facilitate, encourage, and support student volunteerism in the community. Volunteer service must be performed for a non-profit organization.

Tigers in Service is a student volunteer program.  Students who complete 80 hours of service throughout high school will receive a cord to wear at graduation. The 80 hours is an average of 20 hours per year of enrollment. This means on year you may only have volunteered 10 hours, but the next year you volunteer 35 hours.  As long as your total volunteer hours add up to 20 hours per year of enrollment at Stony Point, you will qualify. Our goal is that Stony Point High School takes its place as a contributing member of our society.

Seniors: You must turn in all service hours by the April 1st deadline in order to qualify for a graduation cord from Tigers in Service.

Students: Turn in your hours as you perform them! Forms must be turned in by the end of the school year.  No forms for previous years will be accepted.  Hours worked over the summer need to be turned in by the end of the 1st six weeks. Make sure they are filled out completely and that you made a copy for your records.

Where do I get the forms? To download a Tigers in Service form click here.  They are also available in the main office.
Where do I turn in my hours? After volunteering, the student must fully complete the Tigers in Service Verification form, including sponsor signature and contact information and submit the form to the SPHS main office. Don’t forget to make copies of your forms before you turn them in! Your Tigers in Service form copies are an excellent resource when you fill out college applications, scholarship applications and applications for employment.

Who do I contact with questions or comments about the Tigers in Service Program? Questions or comments can be directed to Sphstigerinservice@gmail.com

How can I find out how many hours I have turned in? Students are responsible for checking their volunteer hours in Tigers in Service by seeing the TIS updates posted after every marking period on the bulletin board outside the SPHS library.

Tigers in Service Guidelines
Students who complete at least 80 hours (an average of 20 per year)* throughout high school will receive a community service cord to wear at graduation.  After volunteering, the student will complete the Tigers in Service Verification Form, which they will submit to the main office. Students should also keep a copy for their files for use on applications to colleges and technical schools, employment and scholarships. Universities and businesses are looking for well rounded applicants, and community service can often be the deciding factor for admittance or employment.

Fundraising activities do not qualify for Tigers in Service hours.
No more than 8 hours per day can be counted. Service forms must include sponsor signature to be counted.

Students are not to count hours performed during their regularly scheduled class time. 
Volunteer Opportunities

History of Student Volunteer Hours

Class of 2012   20,112.5 hours
Class of 2011   18,093 hours
Class of 2010   13,685 hours
Class of 2009   14,500 hours
Class of 2008   11,668 hours
Class of 2007   14,563 hours
Class of 2006   10,287 hours
Class of 2005    6,695 hours
Class of 2004    2,169 hours